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Who is Yeshua HaMashiach?

He is the only and unique Son of God, who was born into this world through the divine union of the Ruach HaKodesh and a virgin from the tribe of Y'hudah (Judah). He lived and died as a Jew. His name, Yeshua means -"Adonai saves" He is in essence Yisra'el 's kinsman redeemer and ultimately the redeemer of all mankind.

Most scholars agree that Yeshua lived a lifestyle consistent with Torah. He worshipped on the Shabbat (Luke 4:16 ff). He celebrated all the Levitical festivals and Hanukkah (Matthew 26:17 ff.; John 10:22 ff.) He wore Tzitziyot (fringes) (Matthew 9:20).

Like many Rabbis before him, Yeshua gathered around him talmidim. The B'rit Hadashah states that shortly after his immersion he called twelve men to become his talmidim. He spent the next three years teaching and mentoring, as was the practice of Jewish sages before him.

However, there was one profound difference between Yeshua and the traditional Rabbis. As the Mashiach, He was the ultimate sage, the unique Son of God.

Unlike the Jewish sages before him, Yeshua did not encourage his Talmidim to become Masters or Rabbis in their own right. Instead he admonished them to

remain as brothers of one another. Hence, right down to this day as Talmidei Yeshua we follow his every command and look to him alone as Lord and Master.

Yeshua said he is the light of the world and for that reason we have adopted the Menorah into our logo as a reminder that Yeshua, after he had ascended to heaven revealed himself to Yochanan amidst the seven Menorahs of Revelation.

Just before Yeshua ascended into heaven Scripture states he gave his talmidim one final instruction as recorded in Matthew 28:19-20:-

"Go and make talmidim among all nations, immersing them into the reality of the Father, the Son and the Ruach HaKodesh, and teach them to obey everything I have taught you."

His instruction is just as valid in the twenty-first century as it was in the first. Our task as his Talmidim is to share all we have learned from our Master, with those whom God is calling into His Kingdom.

It is for this purpose that Talmidei Yeshua Messianic Congregation - Auckland was established.

Our primary focus is to provide a deeper understanding of the Tanakh and the B'rit Hadashah for all who believe that Yeshua's sacrificial death was for the redemption of both Jews and Gentiles alike.

We eagerly await his promised return as foretold in both the Tanakh and the B'rit Hadashah, which is why we have adopted Acts 1:11 as our signature verse.

"This Yeshua who has been taken away from you into heaven, will come back to you in just the same way as you saw him go."

Yeshua or Jesus?

We have chosen to call our Messiah by his God given name Yeshua, as it was stated to his mother Miryam in:- - Luke 2:21 -

"On the eighth day, when it was time for his b'rit-milah (circumcision), he was given the name Yeshua, which is what the angel had called him before his conception."

The English name Jesus came much later and was derived from the Greek Septuagint version of Scripture.

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