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We meet each Shabbat (Saturday) for worship and fellowship. Other meetings for Scriptural Festivals (Moedim) are held on week days if necessary, according to their Scriptural dates.

Services 10.30 a.m. - 12.15 p.m.

The service includes -

  • Messianic Liturgy
  • Readings from Torah, the Prophets and Brit Hadashah
  • Songs and dances in both transliterated Hebrew and English
  • A short discourse focusing on the readings from the Tanakh and the Brit Hadashah

12.15pm Onward -

The readings during the Services are taken from The Complete Jewish Bible
Please feel free to bring your own version to the Kehilah.

Most people try to arrive by 10.15, if possible, so that they can settle in before the service begins. We welcome this.

Below are links to our services Schedules...